Conservatory of ‘05

It’s Monday night and the sound of four-part harmony drifts through the air.  It’s Monday night and the River City Chorus is rehearsing in the Conservatory of ’05 at “The Music Man Square”.  The Conservatory is an appropriate home for groups such as this because Meredith Willson was a lover of barbershop music, and because broadening the opportunity to participate in music is one of the purposes of “The Music Man Square”.


 Besides housing the River City Barbershop Chorus and the Music City Chorus, the Conservatory includes the Esther L. Strickland and Recording Studio; the Band Masters Room; five studios and six practice rooms; and a computer room/music library/laboratory.                    

General Admission



Students (up to 18)


Children (6 & under)


Includes the


and boyhood


The Music Man Square Hours

1pm-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

Closed on Holidays and Mondays

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The Music Man Square